On the National Day Calendar website you will quickly learn that almost every day of the year is a cause for commotion. Aside from being alive and well, there is a national celebration of some sort for each day of the year. October 5th happens to be ‘National Do Something Nice Day’. In honor of this day, I am putting together a list of my favorite ways to do something nice for others. If you do something nice today, don’t forget to post about it using #dosomethingniceday.

Hold doors

Holding the door for someone coming in (or out) behind you is one of the simplest ways to be do something nice. It takes very little effort as you are already holding the door for yourself.

Pay for the person behind you

Nothing makes my morning better than when I get up to the window to pay for my coffee and find out that the person in front of me paid for mine already. When this happens, I always pay it forward to the person behind me. Then I wonder all day how long, did the person behind me pay it forward too? I will never know! Treat the person behind you in line wherever you go to their coffee, their lunch, whatever it may be.

Give someone flowers

No matter what anyone says, everyone enjoys receiving flowers. Yes, they don’t last forever and yes, they can be pricy but they’re still beautiful. Order flowers for your mom, buy flowers for your dry cleaning lady that seems like she could use a pick me up, pick flowers outside for your neighbor. Just give someone flowers.

Make and gift a treat

Life can get hectic and taking the time to cook isn’t always easy for everyone. Whether you like to cook or find yourself to be more of a baker, throw something together and gift it to your neighbor or friend.

Spend extra time with someone

If you normally read one book at bedtime, read two or three. Cuddle a little longer with your kids. Hangout with your husband instead of catching up on housework. Whoever it is, whatever you’re doing, just spend a little extra time with them today. Let them know they are important.

How are you going to do something nice for someone today? What would you like someone to do for you on this day? Let me know in the comments!