a toddler gift guide to get you started!

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Buying gifts for your kids can be both the best and worst task each Christmas. You are excited to see your children’s faces while they open up each of their gifts, but equally as annoyed knowing how many of these toys you will be donating in a few months.

Every year we buy gifts that are either complete hits – played with everyday or complete misses – never even opened. While you can never be too sure as to which direction the gift is going to go, you can shop smart.

I have put together a list of some of the items that are must haves for our kids this year. With both a little boy and a little girl, we have to pick up things from all across the board as far as interest go.

Happy Blankie

It is a very rare occasion that my daughter is seen without a blanket and a baby with her. This baby could be an actual baby doll, a teddy bear, a monkey, etc. The possibilities are endless. Happy Blankie has given her the ability to carry both of these beloved things with her at once. A cross between a blanket + a stuffed animal, your child has the opportunity to select one of sixteen choices available. The best part is their “one to love, one to give” mission – one blanket is given away for every blanket purchased. That’s a win! Pictured below are Stomp the Frog and Confetti the Unicorn.

Teddy Needs a Bath

Because my children carry their stuffed animals anywhere and everywhere we go, those little creatures start to stink. Tossing them in the washer seems like an easy enough feat until they come out looking much different than they went in. With Teddy Needs a Bath, you can protect your child’s beloved stuffed friends by washing them in the pediatrician recommended wash bags. This will rid them of dust and dander, germs, and harmful bacteria creeping around inside. In addition to the wash bags, you can pick up cotton candy scented dryer sheets to make Mr. Bear smell even sweeter!

Camp Castle Play Mats

As a mom of two toddlers that love a good mess, these play mats are a dream. The Camp Castle Play Mats wipe clean, are durable enough to stand up to rough play, and they are adorable! I especially love the mini size play mats because they double as placemats for the kids to play on while they eat breakfast in the morning. The various themes can please a child with almost any interest.

White Loft

Cam and Lily are constantly talking about how they are grown up. Always reminding me about they are practically big kids. I recently hung up a growth chart in the hallway between their bedroom doors. What better way to watch them grow than by marking it down every year to see the inches climb. This wooden growth chart from White Loft is beautifully hand crafted and shows so much love in every inch. You can choose from canvas or wooden charts, as well as customizing the stain in which your chart is made. Truly a gift that keeps on giving.


Delta Children

Throughout my three and a half years as a mom, I have always made art and creativity a priority. Messes have never worried me or stopped me from letting the kids have some freedom to explore. That being said there are also a few ways I allow them to have their creativity on a smaller scale, like this double sided easel from Delta Children. With a chalkboard on one side, a dry erase board on the other, and a roll of white craft paper – they can explore the arts while not creating a huge mess. You can grab this easel from both Buy Buy Baby and Amazon.

Hooray Heroes

In my previous blog post #proudofyoutwo I described our personalized sibling book in depth. Since then my kids have continued to read and re-read this book, watching their characters tackle all the adventures with their sibling. Hooray Heroes has that book and so many more for your little one to experience a customized book of their own.

Subscription Boxes

Subscription boxes are all the rage these days. There is basically a box for everything you could want. They have even started to gear many of their boxes to children. From clothing to toys, cooking to exploring. Below are a few of my favorite kids subscription boxes that you could gift your little one a membership for.

Bitsy Box

This box comes tailored to your child’s age, comes filled to the brim with toys, activities, and products that you + your little will love. Bitsy Box takes the time to create a box that is safe and gentle for all. With the option to buy monthly or 3, 6, 9, and 12 months at a time – it is the perfect way to give your child a gift that keeps coming month after month.

Eat 2 Explore

In an effort to spend more time with your kids, why not make dinner time become a family activity? Eat 2 Explore has created a box that allows you and your family to explore and bond over the culture of a different country each month.

Kids Night In

During these cold winter months it can become difficult to find activities to keep your kids (and yourself) occupied. But Kids Night In has created a way to enjoy each others company with themed activities and snacks. Each box includes a healthy snack, a get up and move activity, and so much more!

As I find fun gift ideas throughout my shopping, I will continue to put together some more guides for you!

Happy shopping!

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