a toddler gift guide to help you finish up!

This post is sponsored by the companies below. All reviews and opinions expressed in this post are based on my personal view.

In my previous post ‘a toddler gift guide to get you started‘, I shared some of the items I had picked up for my kids so far. For this post, I will be sharing the items that have rounded out my Christmas shopping for the season.


This one of the six brands available through the website, with Oriental Trading being one of their sister labels. MindWare is an award-winning creator of brainy toys for kids. Through their website, I was able to pick up some really fun + educational items to gift my kids this holiday season. Dig It Up is an excavation kit with twelve different surprises to discover. Perfect for dinosaur loving little boy. Acorn Soup teaches children how to read and mimic a ‘recipe’ while practicing recognition and counting skills. Lastly, Silly Street Character Builders allows your littles to build, mix and match different characters with six distinct emotions.

Winning Fingers

The silly + fun game from Winning Fingers is called Forehead Fishing. It puts a spin on a standard fishing game – you are required to wear a headband with a fishing pole attached and rely on head movements to catch a fish. This allows the main focus to be on motor skill and development of dexterity.

Little Pretender

Having two littles that are close in age and in friendship means that we have to pick up things for them to play with together. As soon as I saw these Little Pretender Walkie Talkies, I knew they would love them. With a 2 mile radius, bright LCD display, and three channels.. this could easily be the favorited gift of the season.


Because my toddlers are in the counting and matching stage of their schooling, I had to keep in mind that educational toys have added bonuses. This Count + Match Egg Set gives them the fun of a mini egg carton while also teaching them to match colors and numbers. KidzLane has a few options to coincide with learning levels.

Belle Bucket

Giving your kids the gift of activities is ALWAYS a win. With Belle Bucket you can create a custom bucket list for each season then enjoy the excitement of watching your children cross off the tasks one by one. From the border, the tasks, and the size of the printed calendar – it’s all up to you!

Blabla Kids

We will never have enough ‘babies’ in this household. When we add a new one, the kids become obsessed and take it everywhere. I carefully selected the perfect new little lovies to add to our family from Blabla Kids knowing that each one of these dolls is made by hand, with love and high quality cotton. The many, many options are so unique and creative that picking just two was almost impossible.

That concludes my toddler gift giving guide! I hope that something I have recommended helps you during your holiday shopping this season! Don’t forget to share any of the purchases you have made with me, I’d love to hear if I’ve helped you out.

Happy Holidays!